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Izza Ignacio

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In 1998 Izza ignacio found a new niche in comedy when she joined the sitcom "Kaya ni mister Kaya ni misis" on Abs-Cbn t.v. network. She played a hilarious role as "Elena" with main stars Maricel Soriano,Nova Villa and Cesar Montano.

Link to Kaya Ni Mister

In 2001 she was part of another Abs-Cbn sitcom called "Mary D' Potter" with main stars Maricel Soriano,Roderick Paulate,Herbert Bautista  and Nova Villa. Her role as "Jossa" Herbert Bautista's  blabber mouth wife.

Link to Mary D' potter


In 2003 after doing four years of comedy she got a part in Abs-Cbn's drama series called "Darating ang umaga".Her role as "Tere" the friend of Vina Morales.

Link to Darating Ang Umaga


Izza as "Heidi"   Bea Alonzo's nanny  in "Maging sino ka man Book 1" .

Izza as "Mrs. Magalang", her role as the mother of Nikki (Erich Gonzales) & Sarah (Eliza Pineda) as Saranelle "Sarah" Magalang (Kid Simple). Also plays as a wife of  Mr. Selon Magalang ( Hero Bautista) .



Izza  as " Katrina"  friend of Yvonne (Dimples Romana) in the upcoming Abs-Cbn t.v. series  "Utoy"  played by Makisig Morales.

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